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Latency Sensitive Transceiver for Audio and Voice Applications

A2B transceiver that improves system-level flexibility – particularly in microphone array and in emerging multi-mic applications To meet the rigorous performance requirements of next generation,...

Compact Computing Module for Demanding Hi-Rel Applications

QLS1046-4GB, a computing module to ease adoption in aerospace programs and meet military industry standards Teledyne e2v has announced the processor QLS1046-4GB that has combined...
plc modem

Multiprotocol PLC Modem For IoT & Smart Energy Applications

New PLC modem chip allows manufacturers to easily and quickly develop high-performance smart meters. To meet utilities’ growing needs to improve reliability and performance of...

AC/DC Converters for IoT and Smart Home

PCB-mount AC/DC modules with low energy losses in light load conditions With advancing technology the demand for ideal power supplies has also increased. RECOM has...

Microprocessors Offer Safety For Next-Gen Electric & Autonomous Vehicles

Automotive chip supplier NXP is helping carmakers develop future autonomous and hybrid electric vehicles with its newly available safety microprocessors/microcontrollers. The new NXP S32S devices...