air quality sensor

How to make a simple Air Pollution Monitor?

How to design a PM 2.5 air quality sensor for building automation?  Air quality and its effects on health and vitality have recently become a...
dimmer switch

How to make Dimmer Switches?

Do you want to have perfect ambience while reading or watching TV? Here's how you can build a dimmer switch for automating your home. Capacitive...
ar/vr headset

Virtual/Augmented Reality Headsets and Glasses Reference Design

Here is a wearable display reference design that helps you create lightweight, reliable augmented/virtual reality headsets and glasses Wearable displays are devices that are worn...
4k uhd

4K UHD Reference Design for Laser TV and Mobile Projector

Reference design illuminates the way to next-generation 4K UHD applications 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) displays are moving into the mainstream as they deliver immersive detail and big...
3d printer

DIY: Make a 3D Printer To Create Real Objects in 3D

Do you want to create real objects in 3D? Here is a high-speed 3D printer design to make this possible. The real world around exists in...
3d scanner

DIY High-Resolution 3D Scanner

Do you want to capture any object in 3D with high accuracy? Here's how you can make a high-resolution 3D scanner for factory automation. The...
electric toothbrush

How to make an Electric Toothbrush?

Electric Toothbrush is unique among DIYers. Here is a simple design on how to make a battery-powered electric toothbrush. Here is a design that functions...
voice remote

DIY Voice-controlled TV Remote

Do you want to control your TV by just speaking to it? Here are reference designs that will help you build a voice remote...
touch remote

How to make a Touch Remote?

Do you want to change how you interact with the world? Here's how you can make a sleek capacitive touch remote control to control everything...

How to Quickly Create Bluetooth Beacons?

Do you want to learn how to quickly implement compact, battery-powered BLE beacons?  A beacon in wireless technology is the concept of broadcasting small pieces...

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