area scanner

Area Scanner Safety Guard Reference Design

This design helps you to create an area scanner or safety guard application for automation, using 60-GHz mmWave sensors With the widespread growth of factory automation,...

Ultra-Portable PLC for Industrial Automation

Maxim's new Go-IO PLC reference design drives intelligence to the digital factory edge, enabling active monitoring and communication of equipment health and status information...
biometric payment card

Reference Design For Fingerprint Payment Cards

Infineon and NEXT Biometrics are enabling a secure and convenient payment experience with the Biometric Card Reference Design — that simplifies developing and manufacturing...

Ultra Librarian Reference Design Cloud for Motion Control Apps

Engineers developing products requiring motion control can now leverage the Ultra Librarian Reference Design Cloud, giving them easy, web-based access to reference design schematics enabling...
energy harvesting

Create an Energy-harvesting BLE Switch For Battery-less IoT

ON Semiconductor offers Bluetooth Low Energy Switch reference design that operates entirely from harvested energy to enable truly self-powered IoT applications Energy harvesting is...
deep learning

Deep Learning Inference for Embedded Applications Reference Design

How to bring a deep learning inference to an embedded application? The concept of pushing computing closer to where sensors gather data is a central...
battery tester

How to make a Li-ion Battery Tester?

How to make a Li-ion battery tester for high-current applications? The demand for lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries is growing at an exponential pace, fueled by the...

Innovative 3-phase Inverter for Next-gen Robots

New three-phase inverter reference design allows faster, more precise drive control There is an increased use of robots in the era of automation to bring...

How to build an RS232 to RS485 Converter?

Do you want to learn how to convert RS-232 signaling to RS-485 signaling? RS-232 is a widely used interface. One example is the serial port...
usb-c power bank

DIY USB-C Portable Power Bank

If you want to build your own portable battery banks for  notebook, phone or a Type-C/PD based device, here are amazing reference designs you...

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