ev charging

Creating Wi-Fi-enabled EV Charging Stations

Spurring the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) into mainstream markets with the design of chargers embedding technologies like Wi-Fi and NFC. The number of electric...
hvac system

How to design a Car’s HVAC System?

How to design an advanced auto HVAC system? HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is the technology of indoor and automotive environmental comfort. These days...

How to Drive Electric Motors in Modern Cars?

If you are curious to know how your car's air-conditioning system motors or seat motors work, walk-through these reference designs. Today’s new cars can include...
vehicle occupant detection

Vehicle Occupant and Intruder Detection Reference Design

How to use mmWave radar tech to sense car occupants? Today’s vehicles require robust and reliable information about the in-cabin occupancy. Smart airbag deployment systems,...
camera module

Small 2MP Camera Powers Next-gen ADAS

Compact automotive camera module reference design from TI powers next-gen ADAS Developing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is an important trend in the automotive industry...

Automotive HD Viewing Camera Module Reference Design

Joint reference design from OmniVision and Leopard accelerates time to market for rearview and surround-view camera systems Surround view and real-time cameras are increasingly being...
Head-Up Display

Augmented Reality-based Head-Up Display For Cars

Augmented reality (AR) tends to be limited to gaming or home furniture shopping. But the technology has also come to your car head-up display...

Cost-Effective In-Vehicle Infotainment System Reference Design

Reference design to make cost-effective, easy-to-use In-Vehicle Infotainment system for a seamlessly connected and rich driving experience With our lifestyles becoming fast forward and increasingly...
surround view

360-degree Surround View Camera Solution For ADAS

Develop an automotive surround view camera system with this reference design The automotive surround view camera system is an emerging automotive ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance...

Automotive Emergency Call Reference Design

Accelerate the design of emergency call (eCall) systems using a complete reference design eCall systems are being included by more and more automotive manufacturers due...

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