ROHM Launches New LTR50 Series of Chip Resistors

The new chip resistor is incorporated with superior temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) that ensures high accuracy current detection ROHM has recently announced the...

Industrial-grade eSIM Enables IoT and M2M

To optimize the design of IoT devices, Infineon is offering an industrial-grade embedded SIM (eSIM) in a miniaturized 2.5 x 2.7mm package  Machine-to-machine communication in the...

Automotive Touchscreen Controller Supports 20-inch Touchscreens

New automotive touchscreen controllers support thick cover lenses with multi-finger touch and address automotive functional safety requirements A new family of automotive touchscreen controller chips...

Micropower Magnetic Sensors Maximize Battery Life

Rugged micropower magnetic sensor ICs are designed for operation from batteries or unregulated supplies in harsh automotive and industrial environments. Allegro MicroSystems has unveiled a...

1 MBaud Optocoupler for High-speed Applications

Vishay's new 1 MBaud high-speed optocouplers are optimized for galvanic noise isolation and breaking up ground loops in digital applications Vishay has launched a new...
data converters

Tiny Data Converters Offer High-performance in Small Size

TI's new precision ADCs and DACs reduce overall system footprint in industrial, communications and personal electronics applications Texas Instruments has introduced four tiny precision data...
usb-c buck-boost

USB-C Combo Buck-boost Battery Charger for Mobile Computing Systems

Digitally configurable combo battery charger from Renesas supports both NVDC charging and higher power HPBB charging of notebooks, ultrabooks, tablets, and power banks Renesas has...

8-bit MCU Cuts Cost, Power, and Footprint

STMicroelectronics’ compact STM8L001 microcontroller is perfect for smart devices, as it cuts cost, power and footprint The STM8L001 ultra-low-power microcontroller from STMicroelectronics targets cost-conscious applications,...
hall-effect sensors

Micropower Hall Sensors Ideal for Battery-powered Devices

Ultra-low power Hall-effect sensors from Diodes Incorporated meet the essentials of battery-powered consumer products, such as gas or water meter, smoke detectors and IoT...
5G chip

New 5G Chipset Soon to Power Smartphones

The new Snapdragon 855 mobile processor is coming to mobile devices soon — supports multi-gigabit 5G, improved AI and immersive extended reality (XR) Qualcomm has...

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