data converters

Tiny Data Converters Offer High-performance in Small Size

TI's new precision ADCs and DACs reduce overall system footprint in industrial, communications and personal electronics applications Texas Instruments has introduced four tiny precision data...
usb-c buck-boost

USB-C Combo Buck-boost Battery Charger for Mobile Computing Systems

Digitally configurable combo battery charger from Renesas supports both NVDC charging and higher power HPBB charging of notebooks, ultrabooks, tablets, and power banks Renesas has...

8-bit MCU Cuts Cost, Power, and Footprint

STMicroelectronics’ compact STM8L001 microcontroller is perfect for smart devices, as it cuts cost, power and footprint The STM8L001 ultra-low-power microcontroller from STMicroelectronics targets cost-conscious applications,...
5G chip

New 5G Chipset Soon to Power Smartphones

The new Snapdragon 855 mobile processor is coming to mobile devices soon — supports multi-gigabit 5G, improved AI and immersive extended reality (XR) Qualcomm has...
stm32 mcu

32-bit MCUs Groomed for Next-gen Smart Objects

New series of STM32 microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics enable advanced innovations for even smaller, more capable, and power-efficient smart objects STMicroelectronics has added the new STM32G0...

Six-axis IMU Tailored for Industry 4.0

New 6-axis inertial module offers high measurement resolution and smart energy-saving features to enable long-lasting battery-powered industrial devices The ISM330DLC six-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit)...
stepper motor

Highly compact Stepper Motor Controller for Robotics and Automation

TRINAMIC's new highly compact stepper motor controller and driver chip covers a wide spectrum of applications A stepper motor is often an ideal choice for...
LED driver

RGBW LED drivers Elevate User-friendly HMI Designs

TI's new LED drivers with integrated PWM can help electronics designers add innovative lighting features to their systems Devices such as speakers, TVs, refrigerators, set-top boxes...

Cost-Optimized Reciever IC for Wireless Charging

Energous' smallest IC DA2223 is designed for very small form factor applications like True-Wireless Stereo earbuds, hearing aids and wearables Energous Corporation, the developer of...
motor control

32-bit MCUs With Embedded AI Benefit Motor control

The latest 32-Bit RX66T MCUs from Renesas are optimized for motor control in industrial, home appliance, and robotics devices In recent times, Artificial intelligence technology is...

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