Polymer Tantalum Chip Capacitors

Polymer Tantalum Chip Capacitors for Thinner End Products

Vishay Intertechnology has made its T55 Series of Polymer Tantalum chip capacitors available in a lower profile size to enable the design of thinner...
globa lpwa

Global LPWA Module in a Tiny Package

Gemalto advances global IoT connectivity with a new LPWA module based on the latest Qualcomm LTE IoT modem solution  To meet booming global demand for...
3.5GHz antenna

3.5GHz-capable Antennas Ready for 5G

New 3.5 GHz-capable antennas from CommScope offer efficiency and path to 5G CommScope has introduced new 3.5 GHz-capable antennas for macro and small cell densification to...
fir thermal sensor

High Operating Temperature FIR Thermal Sensor Array

With its new far-infrared (FIR) thermal sensor array, Melexis is meeting its customers’ needs for accurate temperature sensing in even more challenging thermal conditions. Melexis is...
risc-V ide

Feature-rich RISC-V IDE Available for Free Download

AndeSight IDE is a professional IDE based on Eclipse with many useful Andes add-on features, which provides an efficient way to develop embedded applications...

TOF Reference Design kit for Advanced 3D Imaging

Newsight Imaging introduces a reference design board for advanced 3D depth imaging, based on its CMOS vision sensors that are claimed to be accurate and...
wi-fi module

Certified Wi-Fi Module for Secure Industrial IoT

Würth Elektronik eiSos presents its compact Calypso wireless module designed to adequately address security issues in industrial IoT applications. Würth Elektronik eiSos is offering a compact, fully...
step=down converter

Step-down Converter Saves Energy & Space in IoT Devices

STMicroelectronics’ ST1PS01 is a miniaturized step-down converter that is specifically designed for IoT applications where high efficiency and PCB size are the key factors STMicroelectronics’...
32-bit mcu

32-bit MCUs Include High-temp Types for Motor Control

Renesas's new 32-Bit MCUs support circuit boards in high-temperature locations and compact circuit board design in space-constrained home appliances and industrial machinery In industrial machinery,...

$10 Development kit Packs three 8-bit MCUs

For less than $10, the STM8-SO8-DISCO 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) Discovery Kit from STMicroelectronics lets users experiment with three 8-bit MCUs ST Microelectronics has announced...

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