Standalone VBUS-Powered Controller for 5V USB-C Charging Applications

  • Provides protection from damage by incorrect power supply
  • Enables rapid USB-C charging without any coding

USB-C is gradually establishing itself as an improvement to Micro-B or Mini-B plugs, for both power and data connections; offering reversible orientation and robustness of up to 10,000 connect/disconnect cycles.

To aid this development, STMicroelectronics has launched the STUSB4500L, a stand-alone, plug-and-play USB-C controller IC  that has been designed for pure 5V sink-only applications. With the integration all USB-C connector features required for 5V universal power plug are integrated, electronics designers will now be able to implement USB-C charging solutions faster without studying or writing code. 

Through this launch, low-voltage applications such as Bluetooth speakers, computer accessories, Wi-Fi access points, point-of-sale equipment, LED lighting and USB dongles can be operated efficiently. It can also be used for powering equipment such as single-board computers and hardware development kits. which eases adoption of the USB-C connector standard by saving time-consuming design work.

Sturdy power protection


The STUSB4500L is auto-powered via VBUS from the connected source and does not need any other external supply such as a local battery or onboard power. Zero leakage current prevents draining the battery when not charging. 

If incorrectly connected to a higher power source than the required 5V, the device’s input over-voltage protection prevents low-voltage equipment from being damaged. 

Further features include ‘dead-battery’ support to ensure correct identification by the source when the battery is fully discharged, true cold-socket implementation for keeping the VBUS switch open by default until safe 5V input power is supplied, source power-budget identification and error-recovery to ensure correct re-starting when a fault is triggered.


The STUSB4500L is in production now, in a choice of 4mm x 4mm QFN-24 package or 2.6mm x 2.6mm CSP-25 chip-scale package.

To ease prototyping, the reference design EVAL-SCS002V1, which has a small footprint of just 2.5 cm², can be ordered from ST or distributors. For fast implementation into proprietary designs, the full PCB design libraries can be downloaded free of charge from the company website.

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