Powerbox’s Dual-Channel Power Supply for Marine Engine Control

  • Rugged DC-DC converter with power management for harsh environments
  • Immensely powerful for all kinds of marine motor transports

From low power DC-DC converters to high power DC generators that power the entire boat, ships and vessels require robust and safe power supplies. Although many applications can be powered by marine certified commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) power supplies, power solutions designed to pair with the final application require certain specifications.

Powerbox has announced the release of a new dual-channel power supply for marine engine control. Based on a ruggedized platform for use in harsh environments, the ENMA500D24/2×27-CC provides two 27V/20A isolated outputs and total power of 540W.

Servomotors are used for operating Fast Switched Valves (FSV) for safety purposes in fuel injection pumps, orientable propellers and engine control. Therefore, the highest level of safety must comply. As failure is simply not an option in such types of equipment, FSV manufacturers often use two independent power supplies to guarantee redundancy. However, considering the equipment is installed in very compact and harsh environments, this can be a challenge for the installer.

High power


PRBX’s highly integrated, isolated, dual-channel DC-DC converter, the ENMA500D24/2×27-CC comes with high levels of power solution design for the marine industry.

Powered by a low voltage 24V distributed supply, the ENMA500D24/2×27-CC can tolerate a wide operating range of 18 to 36V and can accommodate a large voltage drop down to 10V for 10 seconds. The device delivers 27VDC / 20A, total power of 540W and has an efficiency of 85 per cent.

Sturdy design

As it is to be used in harsh environments, the ENMA500D24/2×27-CC is built in a robust IP56 case, resistant to high-pressure and heavy sprays of water. Being sealed to comply with IP56, the DC-DC converters have been designed and optimized for conduction cooling. Two lateral heatsinks facilitate the thermal exchange between the inner dissipating components and the ambient outside.

DC-DC Converter Module With High Power Density

Typically used for safety equipment requiring redundant power sources, when redundancy is not required but the application requires two independent outputs, the ENMA500D24/2×27-CC offers two 27VDC fully isolated outputs. In that case, the total output power remains at 540W though it can be balanced from 540W on one output and no load on the second to any mix between the two while remaining within the maximum power allowed.

The DC-DC converter is protected against input reverse polarity, output short-circuit and includes over-temperature, over-voltage and over-current protection.  It is designed according to EN60068-2-x and complies with the safety standard EN 60950 and DNV/GL standards.



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