Smiths Interconnect’s High Frequency Chip Termination

  • Offers broadband performance of up to 64GHz
  • Suitable for space and defence communications systems

Smiths Interconnect’s new high-frequency chip terminations offer a unique combination of high power and high frequency in a small package.

The new CTX Series is designed to offer an excellent broadband performance of up to 64GHz. It allows wider coverage than traditional components while ensuring optimized return loss for multiple band ranges and applications. This allows the customer to use a single chip in multiple applications reducing the cost of ownership.

The market trends of Space and Defence communications systems need higher-frequency chip termination products specifically tuned to operate from L through V band frequency ranges where the power levels vary depending on the band of interest and whether the product functions on the transmit or receive part of the system.


By providing a higher level of frequency up to 64 GHz, we assure that the electrical performance of the terminations is assured with optimized return loss for different band ranges and applications.

  • Power rating up to 5 Watts, increased by up to 5x over alternative solutions
  • Frequency rating DC to 64 GHz with an optimal broadband performance
  • Reduced footprint (up to 75 per cent smaller) allowing for space and weight savings on the board: 0.040” x 0.040” x 0.015” (1.016mm X .016mm x 0.381 mm)
  • High volume production capability supporting customers’ quick ramp-up program needs

For example, the CT0404ALN2WB1 is a one Watt termination operating to 64 GHz and capable of peak power handling 10X the CW rating. Made of aluminium Nitride (AlN), the CT0404ALN2WB1 is wire bondable for applications such as isolators, T/R modules, up/down converters, instrumentation, satellite communications, radar and broadcast.



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