New Voltage Regulators With Enhanced COT Engine By Infineon

  • Provides internal overcurrent protection and precise output voltage
  • Less expensive for a reduced BOM

Infineon Technologies has introduced a new family of integrated-point-of-load voltage regulators consisting of IR3887M, IR3888M and IR3889M devices. They feature a fast constant-on-time (COT) engine and are optimal for high efficiency and high-density server, base station and telecom, and storage applications.

The OptiMOSTM IPOL product family comes with an enhanced, stable COT engine with ceramic capacitors (without needing any external compensation). It supports a wide input voltage range of 4.3V – 17V, Vmin = 2V with 5V external bias and precise output voltage (0.5 per cent accurate reference voltage).

Inexpensive and highly efficient

These voltage regulators offer high efficiency at light-load and thermally-compensated internal overcurrent protection with four selectable limits, for a less expensive and smaller inductor.


High switching frequency (up to 2 MHz) for small PCB size and fewer bill-of-materials (BOM) is guaranteed with easy design and layout. These products provide benchmark efficiency, low power losses and the ability to thermally handle up to 30A of continuous current. Other benefits also include benchmark output voltage regulation and enhanced load transients response.


The IR3888M and IR3889M come in a small, 5mm x 6mm footprint in a PQFN package. The IR3888M can handle continuous current up to 25 A and is RoHS2 compliant.

The IR3887M is the smallest 30A device on the market. Fusing Infineon’s latest FET generation and enhanced package technology allows for thermal support for 30A in a small 4 mm x 5 mm footprint.

The IR388M and IR3889M are in stock now. The IR3887M device is planned for release later in 2020.

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