High Efficiency Power Inductors for Automotive Applications By Kemet

  • Offers high reliability and automotive performance
  • Includes best in class EMI shielding for low magnetic flux leakage

KEMET, a global supplier of electronic components, has launched the MPXV product family of metal composite power inductors to address the stringent demands of the automotive market. This new offering enhances the company’s METCOM range for use in the automotive sector.

With the automotive ECU market set to gain huge profits in the coming years, the new power inductors provide efficient power conversion while minimizing Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), making them suitable for use in DC-DC switching power supplies found in many Electronic Control Units (ECUs) of automotive systems.

Besides high efficiency, the devices also provide low self-heating and low power losses. The MPXV series inductors’ metal composite core has a high permeability to meet these requirements. This makes them ideal for use in designs where thermal considerations are vital to avoid adverse effects to other critical systems.

Wide operation


Presented in various industry-standard SMD footprints, MPXV inductors can operate at temperatures up to 155 degrees Celsius and feature low electrical noise, allowing them to be used in challenging areas such as under the hood and in the powertrain.

The metal composite material is moulded around the inductor coil core and, therefore, shields the neighbouring electronics from any interfering magnetic flux. These devices are qualified by the Automotive Engineering Council’s Q200 (AEC-Q200) requirements and deemed suitable for even the most demanding areas of automotive applications.

“Our experience and expertise in high permeability inductor material development and production allow us to introduce devices with differentiated performance to meet and exceed the needs of the latest applications in sectors such as automotive,” said Dr Philip Lessner, KEMET Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “With their robust performance, high reliability and energy-saving features, MPXV inductors are a perfect example of this and provide a dependable, easy-to-design-in solution.”

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KEMET’s MPXV series is available immediately via KEMET distributors.



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