New NFC Reader Controller For Wireless Communication By Holtek

  • Supports multiple protocols
  • The low power module increases sensing distance 

Holtek announces the release of its new Near Field Communication, NFC, Reader Controller, the BC45B4523. The device provides an excellent solution for near field wireless communication applications such as access control locks, label readers, payment machines etc.

The device has a transmission frequency of 13.56MHz, which supports ISO14443A, ISO14443B and ISO15693 protocols, and also includes Crypto_M encrypting/decrypting functions. The ISO14443A and ISO14443B protocols can provide 106, 212, 424 and 848Kbps bit transmission rates. The device also passes the NFC Forum Analog test and multiple protocols can cooperate with various NFC Tag types.

The device’s RF output current is up to 250mA, which will increase the sensing distance and also includes a Low Power Mode for automatic card detection. The device includes a fully integrated 3.3V LDO with a maximum output current of 150mA which can be used by the MCU. For external communication purposes the device includes an SPI interface. The device is supplied in a 24-pin QFN package type.

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