High Performance Wideband mmWave Synthesizer Module By Renesas

  • Has a wide frequency range, low output phase noise and high output power
  • Best suited for 5G and other wireless applications

Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced a high performance wideband mmWave synthesizer that is equipped with a unique set of features and is optimised for 5G and broadband wireless applications.

The 8V97003 is ideal as a local oscillator (LO) for mmWave and beamforming, or a precision reference clock for a high-speed data converter for applications involving test and measurements, optical networking and data acquisition. It has a wide frequency range (171.875 MHz to 18 GHz), ultra-low output phase noise (-60.6dBc at 20 kHz to 100 MHz at 6 GHz) and high output power. The wide frequency range enables the usage of a single 8V97003 in place of multiple synthesizer modules, thus reducing solution footprint and cost.

Less complex

High output power eliminates the need for an external driver, which further reduces complexity and overall power consumption. The ultra-low output phase noise makes the device optimal for 5G and other wireless applications as it offers superior system-level signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and error vector magnitude (EVM). As a reference clock for high-speed data converters, 8V97003 maximises system performance by improving SNR and spurious-free-dynamic-range (SFDR).


“We developed our new 8V97003 for the latest generation of high-performance mmWave radios, ensuring it meets our customers’ most demanding frequency range, phase noise, and output power requirements,” said Bobby Matinpour, Vice President of Timing Products, IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit at Renesas. “With its best-in-class performance in a single-chip design, the 8V97003 is particularly well-suited for emerging applications above the 6 GHz carrier frequency, including broadband wireless, microwave backhaul, and 5G radios.”

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Mass production quantities of the 8V97003 are available now in a 7mm x 7mm, 48-lead VFQFPN package.



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