EVERLIGHT Launches UVA/UVC-Based Sterilization Products

  • Works on the principle of the powerful cleansing effect of UV rays
  • Suited for sterilization of all germs and viruses in the environment

UV rays with short wavelengths and strong energy can trigger chemical reactions and change matter when exposed to radiation.

Therefore, EVERLIGHT Electronics, a global provider of LED and optoelectronics solutions has released its new ELUC3535NUB series of UVC products. The line-up aims to improve the quality of life and health using epitaxial and flip chips on the sapphire substrate for proper sterilization.

UV applications are currently implemented in curing, medical treatment, photocatalyst and counterfeit testing. Concerning air purification and sterilization of water, a huge demand for UV technology implementation can be observed. So, by highly investing in LED technology, EVERLIGHT has developed UVA and UVC products. At present, there are 3535 to 4545 packages for UVA (UV blacklight radiation, 360-410nm) products, including low to high wattages and several kinds of emitting angles for individual customer options.


EVERLIGHT is also offering the new ELUC3535NUB UVC LED Series (3.5×3.5×1.4mm), packaged in inorganic quartz glass with a wavelength of 280nm. The product series covers three different intensity levels (2mW, 10mW and 30mW), which makes it ideal for various applications like medical treatment, water or air purification and sterilization of germs and viruses.

Furthermore, the ELUC3535NUB LEDs can be used for deodorizing and bactericidal treatment, when installed, for instance, in a modern smart toilet. A similar effect can also be achieved by using UVA3535 (1.8W, 120) LEDs in combination with Titanium Dioxide(TiO2).

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