100 Watt S-Band Power Limiter By RFuW Engineering

  • Capable of handling high power
  • Has fast recovery time

The RFuW Engineering model number RFLM-011015QF-290, silicon, PIN-Diode limiter module offers both high power CW and peak power protection in the 2 to 4 GHz frequency range.

Capable of handling average power up to 100 Watts (50 dBm) and pulsed peak power up to 250 Watts (54 dBm at pulse width = 1 msec, duty cycle = 10%), the RFLM-011015QF-290 maintains low flat leakage to less than 14 dBm (typical) and reduces spike leakage to less than 0.5 ergs. Recovery time is <3 uSec.

The combination of high peak power handling and fast recovery time is mandatory for mission-critical applications. RF performance is exceptional with insertion loss of less than 0.5 dB for most of the bandwidth. This quasi-active limiter requires no external control lines or power supply connections offering “always on” protection.


The device is offered in a 8 x 5 x 2.5 mm, ceramic surface mount package.

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