High-Reliability Plug-and-Play Gate Driver From Power Integrations

  • Includes a built-in DC-DC converter and SCALE-2 ASIC chipset for implementing fewer components
  • Promotes ease of use and quick installation

Power Integrations, a developer of gate-driver technology for medium- and high-voltage inverter applications, introduces the 1SP0351 SCALE-2™ single-channel, +15/-10 V, plug-and-play gate-driver that has been developed specifically for the new 4500V press-pack IGBT (PPI) modules made by Toshiba, Westcode and ABB. Based on Power Integrations’ SCALE-2 chipset, the new gate-drivers are optimal for high-reliability applications such as HVDC VSC, STATCOM/FACTS and medium-voltage drives.

Includes a host of advanced features

The 1SP0351 is equipped with Dynamic Advanced Active Clamping (DAAC), short-circuit protection, a built-in DC-DC converter, regulated turn-on gate-drive voltage, DC-DC overload monitoring and supply-voltage monitoring. Active Miller Clamping is also included.

As compared to conventional solutions, the SCALE-2 ASIC chipset uses advanced digital control techniques for reducing the component count by 85 per cent, leading to increased reliability.

Quick and easy assistance


The plug-and-play feature of the driver facilitates ease of use and allows immediate operation after installation. The inclusion of a simple two-pin power plug also simplifies operation and conformal coating increases product ruggedness and reliability.

Thorsten Schmidt, technical product manager at Power Integrations says, “These drivers are the optimum drive solution for the industry’s leading press-pack IGBT modules. Devices are rugged, reliable and simple to use.”

The new 1SP0351 SCALE-2 gate drivers that meet creepage and clearance specifications according to IEC standards (IEC 61800-5-1) are now available.

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