Amphenol Releases Industrial Connectors For Growing IIoT

  • Rugged, hi-speed industrial implementation
  • Optimal for cloud to factory floor Ethernet connectivity

Amphenol ICC in collaboration with Hirose Electric and Harting Technology Group has released the ix Industrial series of connectors. IEC 61076-3-124 compliant and designed to meet the needs of next-generation rugged, high-speed Industrial Ethernet requirements, the series is ideal for use in equipment for Factory and Process Automation, Machine to Machine communication, Robotics, Sensors, Human Interface devices and for IIoT connectivity.

The ix IndustrialTM series will help to meet the growing demands of Industry 4.0 and Cloud to Factory floor Ethernet connectivity.

“Anticipating and meeting our customer needs brings about the development of this product,” said Peter Swift, Product Marketing Director, Amphenol Commercial Products Americas. “It is a feature-packed, mechanically robust 10-position connector capable of Cat6A performance, in a package 30 per cent the size of a typical RJ45 connector currently used in many Industrial Ethernet applications.”

High-performance in small package


As an IEC 61076-3-124 compliant 10-position connector capable of Cat6A performance, the ix Industrial™ comes in a 70 per cent smaller package than the size of a typical RJ45 connector. With 10mm connector pitch, robust 2-point metal latching, 360-degree shielding for EMI immunity, it is built to meet the needs of new higher density Industrial Ethernet communication designs.

Available offerings

Amphenol offers right angle and vertical PCB mount receptacles with multiple keying options and mating field terminable plugs for easy on-site installation. Available versions will include IP20 products for MICE1 environments and IP67 versions for MICE2 and MICE3 harsh environments.

Programmable Output Pin Current Sensors


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