Web-Based Simulation Tool For Complete Electronics Circuit Verification

  • Enables easy verification of solution circuits
  • Circuit simulation in real-like environments

Simulations are typically conducted before the prototype design phase in order to reduce development efforts. When designing electronic circuit boards, simulations can help minimise the time and effort required for component selection, as well as, to identify fundamental issues before actual equipment validation.

ROHM has decided to start providing a web simulation tool, called ROHM Solution Simulator that will allow electronics design engineers belonging to the automotive and industrial sectors to simultaneously verify power devices and ICs on 44 different solution circuits, thus significantly decreasing the man-hours invested during board prototyping and evaluation phases.

Besides contributing to solving various developmental issues and help provide electrical characteristics of products through simulation, the ROHM Solution Simulator allows users to perform complete circuit verification of power devices and ICs.

Rapid and simple authentication


ROHM Solution Simulator is a web-based electronic circuit simulation tool that can carry out simulations, from initial development involving component selection and individual device verification to the system-level verification. This makes it possible for a quick and easy analysis of the entire circuit, thus significantly reducing application development efforts.

”ROHM is committed to reducing customer development time and costs by providing a comprehensive online solution built using SystemVision, a multi-domain cloud-based platform,” said Darrell Teegarden, Product Manager for SystemVision Cloud at Mentor, a Siemens business. “By focusing on maintaining and enhancing device models and reference circuits that operate in the SystemVision Cloud environment, ROHM can further contribute to solving customer issues.”

Key Features

  1. Enables real-like complete circuit simulation of power devices and ICs
  2. Transfer of simulation data to a user’s own development environment
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Thanks to ROHM Solution Simulator’s collaboration with SystemVision Cloud (SVC), both old and new SVC users can incorporate simulation data executed in ROHM Solution Simulator into their own SVC environment (workspace) to perform verification of system circuits.

Evaluating the simulated circuit

In addition to the solution circuits registered for ROHM Solution Simulator, ROHM’s Solution EVK (Evaluation Kit) makes it possible to evaluate the same simulated circuit. To begin with, a power tree board determines the ideal power supply IC for power systems required in automotive applications. It also includes the support for noise (EMC) and thermal designs that are subject to issues during application development.

ROHM Solution Simulator can be used free of charge by simply registering on the company website.

ROHM will continue to reduce application development efforts by adding solution circuits and products compatible with ROHM Solution Simulator and soon provide some Solutions EVKs (evaluation kits) capable of evaluating simulated circuits as-is.



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