Onboard MIPI Camera Support For Quick Solution Implementation

  • Artificial intelligence and neural networks of the NXP i.MX8 ecosystem also supported by congatec’s solution platform
  • Applications include surveillance, image processing and augmented reality

Congatec, a manufacturer of standardised and customised embedded computer boards and modules is expanding its embedded vision, offering a new solution platform for the NXP i.MX 8 processor series.

Thanks to its ruggedness, low power consumption and high scalability, the new congatec Embedded Vision Platform is suitable for countless embedded vision applications such as automated checkout systems in retail, surveillance and access control systems in facility management, industrial inspection systems for quality assurance, augmented reality for maintenance, and image processing in mobile and portable medical technology.

Integrated on-board cameras

The new congatec embedded vision platform for the NXP i.MX 8 processor series is based on a modular 3.5-inch (9 cm) carrier board, is available with various SMARC Computer-on-Module configurations and comes with the 13 megapixel MIPI camera module. This camera module can be connected directly to the board as all necessary components for a successful connection are integrated onboard. So, no additional converter modules are needed. Next to MIPI-CSI 2.0, USB and GigE vision cameras are also supported, as are the artificial intelligence and neural networks of the NXP i.MX8 ecosystem, thanks to which image segmentation algorithms can be used, for instance to identify objects such as traffic signs.


On the software side, congatec provides fully compiled binaries for download via GitHub. These along with boot loader, Android, standard Linux, or Yocto, provide everything developers need for an immediate system start.

Fast implementation of system solutions

The application-ready ARM platform integrates all components of MIPI camera for onboard, allowing plug & play connection of camera. As the platform is modular and based on the SMARC standard, OEMs can quickly and cost-efficiently customise performance and implement their system solutions.

congatec Releases i.MX 8X on SMARC 2.0 and Qseven modules

Additionally, interactive GUIs also benefit from this embedded platform, as they increasingly integrate gesture and voice control and optionally also employ artificial intelligence.

Easily adaptable

With the help of SMARC Computer-on-Module connector, the processor performance is scalable and can easily be adapted to the requirements of a specific application. Congatec currently offers 12 different processor module variants from the NXP i.MX 8 processor series, ranging from the high-end i.MX 8 to the ultra-low-power i.MX 8M Mini. I/Os can also be adapted more easily and cost-efficiently thanks to the modular concept.

“We are able to offer our customers a unique embedded vision ecosystem that provides perfectly matched hardware and software components. This ecosystem makes it much easier for customers to enter the modular embedded vision world and greatly simplifies the development of customized embedded vision solutions,” explains Martin Danzer, Director Product Management at congatec.

Since the camera drivers are integrated into the BSP of the vision kit, the platform can be implemented without any hardware-related programming effort. This allows customers ease of use to directly start with embedded vision system development.



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