ON Semiconductor Introduces New USB-C™ PD 3.0 Controllers

  • Provides high-level features required for PD 3.0 and PPS functionality
  • Enhanced power solutions for adapter and battery charger applications

ON Semiconductor has launched the FAN6390, which is an adaptive charging controller that brings ease of integration of the USB-C PD 3.0 programmable power supply (PPS) standard into systems. The NCP12601 is a highly integrated multi-mode flyback controller for rugged, high-performance, offline power supplies such as adapters.

The new devices simplify USB-C PD 3.0-based power supply designs, provide high-level integration and reliability, and enable higher power density design for applications such as smartphone chargers, AC-DC power adapters and auxiliary/ housekeeping power supplies for various electronic devices.

“The trend of higher capacity batteries requiring the same or faster charging times is accelerating the adoption of USB-C PD. The family of FAN6390 products enables an impressive level of integration which will enhance industrial design and improve power density for travel adapters,” states Scott Haddow, Senior Director and General Manager.


The optimised device architecture provides machine-based operation for all features required for PD 3.0 and PPS functionality resulting in ease of end product design and manufacturing. The FAN6390 gives high efficiency through industry-leading synchronous rectifier FET driving techniques. It also provides designers with flexibility and programmability through trim optioning.

Meets resolution requirements

The PPS constant current / constant voltage (CC/CV) requirements have been addressed through an internal, high-resolution 10-bit DAC that is fully compliant with the USB-C PD 3.0 requirements. ON Semiconductor further assists ease of designer integration by providing fully verified reference designs.

Adding further to ON Semiconductor’s extensive USB-C PD 3.0 portfolio is the NCP12601 variable frequency controller that combines multi-mode continuous current mode or discontinuous current mode (CCM / DCM) operation with valley switching to suit a wide variety of load conditions. This approach provides superior efficiency when compared to traditional fixed-frequency PWM controllers. The addition of valley lockout and a proprietary quiet skip feature enhance the noise performance significantly while frequency jitter provides an improved EMI signature.

Advanced WEBENCH Tools For Power Supply Design

Further NCP12601 features

Meeting the USB-C PD 3.0 standard can be challenging for designers, for which the NCP12601 includes a unique auto-tune and dual-level overcurrent protection (OCP) that enables the OCP features necessary to meet the requirements of the standard. Along with this, low loss VCC bias enables the wide output voltage range without additional external circuitry or complex transformer design.

Adjustable overpower protection provides slope compensation that ensures a flat output power level regardless of the operating input voltage through the addition of a single external resistor.

Other protection features include auto-recovery or latched short circuit protection that is pre-short compatible and over-temperature protection (OTP) that can utilize a dedicated pin or be combined on the versatile CS pin.



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