Mistral Announces AM65x Industrial SoM Based on TI’s SoC


Enables real-time processing, connectivity and control system for Industry 4.0 applications

Mistral Solutions, a technology design and system engineering company, announces the release of AM65x Industrial System on Module (SoM), based on the Texas Instruments’ AM6548 SoC. The AM65x Industrial SoM is an easy to use, compact, lightweight SoM that provides very high processing power for Industrial Control and Communication applications.

The AM65xfeatures a 64-bit quad-core Arm Cortex-A53 at 1.1GHz and a dual-core Arm Cortex-R5F MCU subsystem. With 2GB DDR4 memory on the SoC and a wide range industrial interfaces enabled via inter-board connectors, the SoM supports industrial communication through the PRU-ICSS subsystem on the SoC supporting protocols like ModBus, OpenCAN, ProfiNET, ProfiBUS, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT,  EnDAT/EQEP, CCLink IEField and PWM control.

Ideal for a range of industrial applications


Mistral’s Industrial SoM enables industrial communication and control solutions using serial, Ethernet-based, PCIe, and industrial real-time interfaces. It is ideal for designing Industrial Programmable Controllers (PLC), Factory Automation with Safety Functions, Industrial PC and Industrial Robots, Grid Infrastructure Protection Relays, Edge Computing and Robotic Motor Drives.

“Mistral has always been an active player in Industrial domain, offering various industrial development platforms and IoT services. The AM65x Industrial SoM with its powerful features, is the latest addition to our list of industrial platforms, which will enable development of Industry 4.0 applications. We will be supplying the SoM in volumes to companies aiming to build and deploy industrial products”, said Srinivas Panapakam, VP – PES Sales & Business development, Mistral Solutions.

Other features

  • Supports up to 4GB DDR4 with 1GB ECC and 32GB eMMC.
  • 1Gigabit Ethernet PHY
  • 6 x Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • On-board power regulators and reset circuitry
  • I2C and GPIOs interface
  • Dimension:63mm x 90mm
This IC Simplifies Power Design And Saves Space in Embedded Systems

“Equipped with AM6548 SoC with a quad-core Cortex-A53 processor supporting real-time industrial communication protocols and motor controls, the AM65x Industrial SoM is ideal for designs requiring, multi-protocol Gigabit communication, graphics, various sensors, functional safety features and time-sensitive-networking (TSN)”, said Selvaraj Kaliyappan, Vice President – Engineering, Mistral Solutions. “While the AM65x SoM is capable of revolutionising Industry 4.0 applications with its powerful features, the Development Kit will accelerate the product development by providing advanced industrial connectivity features and computing capabilities.” he added.

Application Development on the AM65x Industrial SoM is enabled with Linux Arago BSP and Android Pie which are based on TI’s SDK. Mistral also has a VxWorks BSP in the roadmap.

As of now, Mistral provides customization of the AM65x Industrial SoM to support Different memory (DDR3/ LPDDR4) options with ECC, Wireless Connectivity and Custom protocol/Application software. Mistral can also custom build the SoM for different processor variants of AM65x SoC.

Mistral is a TI Design Network partner and has worked with Texas Instruments on the AM65x SoC Evaluation Module (EVM) and Industrial Development Kit (IDK).



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