Allegro’s Speed & Direction Sensor For 50% Larger Air Gap Operation

  • Back-biased GMR transmission sensor family
  • Improves system design efficiency for optimal fuel economy

Allegro MicroSystems, a power and sensing solution provider for motion control and energy-efficient systems, has announced the release of the ATS19580, an integrated, back-biased GMR transmission speed and direction sensor. Achieving the highest level of in-system performance, the ATS19580 reduces system size, complexity and cost thereby resulting in improved fuel economy.

By combining GMR technology with Allegro’s transmission algorithms and packaging, the ATS19580 offers the highest transmission performance including:

  • Wide dynamic range of operating air gap (50 per cent larger)
  • Excellent vibration immunity
  • EMC protection
  • Robust common-mode stray fields

“By monolithically integrating our proprietary GMR technology with leading digital processing we’ve set a new standard for transmission speed sensing, achieving the highest level of in-system performance ever,” explains Peter Wells, Business Unit Director at Allegro. “The ATS19580’s ability to reach formerly unachievable airgaps with the best vibration performance on the market simplifies the customers’ Speed Sensor integration and allows them to design safe, fuel-efficient systems.”

Energy efficient


With a focus on efficient fuel consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emissions, the ATS19580 offers innovative and energy-efficient solutions for the automotive industry.

The device’s GMR technology improves performance and extends air gap capability over existing Hall solutions, which allows for more installation flexibility. This flexibility reduces system size, which in turn, reduces costs for automakers and improves fuel economy.

High system performance and ease of IC design

Monolithic integration not only allows for the highest levels of in-system performance such as vibration immunity, dynamic air gap capability, and accurate direction detection, but it also allows ease of design of IC, magnet, and protection components in a single package.

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This back-biased IC is provided in a 3-pin SIP package (suffix SN) that is lead (Pb) free, with tin-lead frame plating.

Fully assists other Allegro speed sensors

The ATS19580 complements Allegro’s ATS19420 and ATS19520 fully-integrated, Hall-effect transmission speed sensors, as well as Allegro’s family of front-biased Hall-effect and GMR products for magnetic target sensing. These ICs, combined with the soon-to-be-released ATS19480, a GMR transmission speed only sensor, will provide customers with the broadest portfolio of transmission speed sensors available on the market.



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