Insight SiP Introduces New ISP3010 RF Module for IoT Applications

  • Includes Smart Ultra-Wide Band and Bluetooth Low Energy  
  • Ideal solution for applications which require precise, real-time locations

Insight SiP, a developer of ultra-miniature RF modules, introduces the 2nd generation ISP3010 RF module, which combines smart Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capabilities with MCU (microcontroller unit). All modules have their own integrated antennas.

The ISP3010 follows on from Insight SiP’s highly successful ISP1510 module launched in 2017.

Great processing capabilities


The new miniature BLE module is based on the DecaWave DW1000 single-chip UWB transceiver and nRF52832 Nordic Semiconductor 2.4 GHz wireless System on Chip. The ISP3010 RF module includes a 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 CPU, 512 KB flash memory, 64 kB RAM, as well as, analogue and digital peripherals. It is also equipped with decoupling capacitors, 38.4 MHz crystals for UWB, 32 MHz and 32.768 KHz crystals for BLE, DC-DC converters, RF matching circuits and two antennas in addition to the wireless Systems on Chip. Low power consumption and advanced power management enable battery lifetimes of up to several months on a coin cell battery.

Ideal for IoT-based applications

Operated wirelessly through a Bluetooth or Serial Peripheral Interface, the ISP3010 offers the perfect stand-alone module solution for precise, real-time location system-based IoT devices for healthcare, sport and wellness, consumer and industrial applications. The ISP3010 is also well-suited for security applications, access control and indoor positioning.

The ISP3010 RF module enables wireless communication with highly precise localisation, with a range from 10 cm to 50m. For applications with a range beyond 50 metres, the ISP3010 can be used in conjunction with external optimised UWB antennas with the same precision, depending on the antenna configuration.

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Alternatively, the ISP3010 can operate as a standalone tag with a powerful onboard floating-point processor. It has digital interfaces that allow it to be integrated into larger, highly complex positioning solutions.

Enhanced BLE connectivity

In terms of BLE connectivity, the ISP3010 is Bluetooth v5.0 ready. The ISP3010 BLE section can be used either in peripheral or central roles for BLE. Fully qualified BLE stacks for nRF52832 are implemented in the S132 SoftDevice.

Nick Wood, President of Insight SiP said “The ISP3010 is the perfect solution for customers wanting to integrate an ultra-miniature, high-performance UWB module into their ranging applications. This module provides an unparalleled combination of size and performance, enabling wireless communication with highly precise localisation over a range of up to 50m and much further when coupled to external antennas. Just the type of module you need for applications using RTLS.”

This highly miniaturized LGA module measures only 14 x 14 x 1.5 mm, making it an ideal stand-alone module solution for ranging applications which require precision, real-time location systems and long-range wireless communication.  The UWB communication is IEEE802.15.4-2011 compliant.


Module prototypes are available now.  Mass production of the modules will start in Q1 2020.



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