Signetik Provides New Platform For Sensing And Cloud Connectivity


  • The Signetik SigCell platform is based on Nordic nRF9160 SiP’s 64MHz Arm Cortex-M33 processor
  • This device features a vast range of environmental sensing and imaging processing capabilities

Nordic Semiconductor announced that Signetik is incorporating Nordic’s multimode LTE-M/NB-IoT module along with the Nordic nRF9160 System-in-Package (SiP). It is being used as a primary module for SigCell’s battery-powered cellular IoT-based module platform. Signetik is a U.S. based embedded design consultant firm.

Based on Nordic nRF9160 SoC

The Signetik SigCell platform is based on Nordic nRF9160 SiP’s 64MHz Arm Cortex-M33 processor. It also features 1MB of Flash memory and 256KB of RAM. This memory is used to perform various tasks such as sensor data acquisition, edge computing, and even basic AI data analysis.

Optimises current problems of IoT solutions


According to Signetik, SigCell is designed to remove both the delay in time-to-market and commercial risk of developing a sensor-to-cloud IoT solution. These solutions are used in big data AI analysis and machine learning capabilities.

The battery life of up to five years

The average battery life for the module is ranging from two years of up to five years. The life span depends upon the working duty cycle of applications. This reduces the finances and energy cost of sending large amounts of data to the cloud. Only if big data AI is required would collected IoT data be transferred.

Steve Poulsen, the president of Signetik system commented,

Our cellular IoT platform is all about getting environmental sensing applications into production fast. And in a manufacturing environment, For example, this might include interfacing to older, PLC-based legacy equipment to make it IoT-enabled. Or in agriculture, it might include rain detection to avoid over-watering of crops, allied with taking still photos and using basic AI to spot any abnormalities in appearance or growth.

Although The Signetik IoT platform includes an ecosystem of add-on boards with sensors for various applications. And if we as a company don’t yet have an add-on board for what you want to sense, give us a month or two and we’ll develop one for you.

New LTE Cat 4 Automotive Module For IoT

Geir Langeland, the Director of Sales & Marketing for Nordic Semiconductor also added to the statement saying,

Modules have long been an established way to remove development risk. And in the IoT world, we are finding that a lot of companies are small and startup and don’t need the added risk of developing an IoT application from scratch on their own.”

Applications on different domains

Signetik informed that the SigCell platform offers a vast range of environmental sensing and imaging processing capabilities. It includes, but are not limited to temperature, humidity, movement, sound, light, rain, gun-shot, and visual tracking.

Signetik offers a wide range of IoT-targeted short- and long-range wireless module platforms and shields. It also offers a full range of embedded design services ranging from PCBs and RF antenna design. In addition to this, the company also develops smartphone and web application designs, data server designs and server monitoring systems.




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