Power Divider from Knowles – DLI For mmWave Radio Applications

  • Supports mmWave 5G designs
  • Ideal for ultra-compact phased array antenna applications

Knowles–DLI’s portfolio of devices designed for use in next-generation mmWave radio applications include filters, broadband couplers and Wilkinson power dividers for n257, n258, n260 and n261 bands supporting mmWave 5G designs.

Wilkinson Dividers (3 dB per split) incorporate low loss, high permittivity dielectric materials to provide small size and temperature stability. The devices integrate thin film precision resistors and are offered for both surface mount (SMT) and wire hybrid (WB) assembly applications.

The ceramic substrate product line utilises patented materials exhibiting excellent temperature stability and high K factor. These characteristics enable off the shelf solutions with small size and high performance. For example, the PDW06984 power divider operates from 25 to 32 GHz with a maximum excess insertion loss of 0.7 dB, while consuming just 2.5 mm of board space. With excellent repeatability, the couplers are ideal for ultra-compact phased array antenna applications. Evaluation boards are available for qualifying programs.

A Step Towards Cost-effective 5G Network Deployment


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