Allegro Launches Its SOIC16W Package For High Power Applications

  • Includes an ultra-low series resistance that is 2.5 times lower than existing solutions
  • Smaller footprint also allows suitable for PCBs

Allegro MicroSystems, a developer of power and sensing solutions for motion control and energy systems, introduces a new, custom SOIC16W package, named the “MC”. This release is a development in current sensing capabilities for power dense applications that require high isolation with low power loss.

With an ultra-low 265µOhm series resistance (2.5 times lower than existing SOIC16W) deliver the highest certified isolation rating of 5kV.

The new package consisting of current sensor ICs ACS724 and ACS725, offers leading performance in terms of speed and accuracy.

Ultra-low resistance for small-sized solutions


To mitigate the thermal challenges, which engineers face while designing small-sized solutions, the new MC package has a copper lead frame that is more than two times thicker than standard SOIC semiconductor packages. This has allowed the ultra-low 265µOhm series resistance to be implemented in the Allegro package.

At the same time, the SOIC16W footprint also allows for smaller PCBs. The package is capable of handling >80A of continuous current depending on operating temperature requirements and subsequently reducing the need for external cooling components.

“We all need to work toward a more sustainable future and Allegro’s innovations are leading the way. Designers of electric and hybrid vehicles are working to reduce the weight and size of their systems,” explains Shaun Milano, Business Unit Director for Current Sensors at Allegro. “They need to deliver higher power density solutions, and the new MC package now makes this easier than ever.”

Single Chip Module for IoT Applications

Optimal for high applications

A 5kV isolation rating allows users to conduct operations at voltages as high as 1600VDC and 1140VRMS. This meets the needs of the most demanding electric vehicle applications and the new 1500VDC solar standards.

With such a high power handling capability, these devices are optimal for applications like DC-DC converters, solar inverters, UPS systems, xEV On-Board Chargers (OBC), EV charging pile and motor control.



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