TI’s Power IC With EMI-Optimised Integrated Transformer Technology

  • Enables engineers to reduce power solution by as much as 80 per cent
  • Maximise power supply in high-voltage industrial applications with DC-DC converter

Texas Instruments has launched the first integrated circuit (IC) developed with an integrated transformer technology: a 500-mW high-efficiency, isolated DC-DC converter with a low electromagnetic interference (EMI), the UCC12050.

The surface-mount architecture gives designers a simple, low-profile IC that reduces the bill of materials (BOM) and operates across a wide temperature range. An EMI-optimised, low capacitance transformer and quiet control scheme establish EMI compliance and at the same time, provide reliability a solution for isolation. Read here to learn more about the family of reinforced isolated DC-DC bias supplies.

Key features and benefits

  • Ultra-low EMI: The UCC12050’s integrated transformer with very low primary-to-secondary capacitance is optimised for EMI performance. Its low noise characteristic eases the effort made by design engineers to have their designs pass 32 Class B EMI tests on a two-layer PCB. The solution also eliminates external filter components such as low-dropout regulators and ferrite beads for a reduced component selection and design time.
  • Reinforced isolation: The UCC12050’s reinforced isolation with 8-mm creepage and clearance can be used for protection and robustness against ground potential differences.
  • Wide temperature range: High efficiency and -40 degrees Celsius to 125 degrees Celsius operating temperature range delivers extra power in extreme conditions, therefore, saving time, effort, space and cost over other isolated bias supply solutions.
  • Small size, increased power density: The UCC12050 offers 60 per cent efficiency; twice that of competing devices of similar. By delivering 0.5 W, the new architecture improves reliability, enables a small BOM and simplifies board layout.
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The device enables designers to reduce their solution volume by up to 80 per cent, or twice as efficient as compared to other discrete solutions and power modules. Built for industrial performance, the UCC12050’s 5-kVrms reinforced isolation and 1.2-kVrms working voltage protect against high-voltage spikes in systems such as industrial transport, grid infrastructure and medical equipment.


Additionally, the new UCC12040 provides all of the same benefits with 3-kVrms basic isolation.


The UCC12050 and UCC12040 are available in volume production from TI and authorized distributors in a 16-pin, 10.3-mm-by-10.3-mm-by-2.65-mm SOIC package. Engineers can evaluate this product with the UCC12050EVM-022 evaluation module, available on TI.com.

TI will demonstrate the UCC12050 at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in New Orleans, Louisiana, March 15-19, 2020.



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