Power Integrations’ Highly Robust SCALE-iDriver Gate ICs

  • Ensures system safety and improves reliability with the help of FluxLink communications technology
  • Requires minimal number of external components

Power Integrations, a company that creates gate-driver technology for medium- and high-voltage inverter applications, has announced the launch of its automotive-qualified SID1181KQ SCALE-iDriver gate driver for 750 V-rated IGBTs. This launch expands the company’s range of auto-qualified driver ICs, with the previous being the 1200 V SID1182KQ driver IC.

Besides being compact, efficient and highly robust, the new AEC-Q100-qualified gate driver ICs use Power Integrations’ high-speed FluxLink communications technology to ensure system safety and improve reliability. Thus, this allows the ICs to effectively replace optocouplers and capacitive or silicon-based inductively coupled solutions.

Minimal external components

The SCALE-iDriver ICs minimise the number of required external components, eliminate tantalum and electrolytic capacitors and simplify the isolated power supply, requiring only one transformer secondary winding. A simple two-layer PCB can be used which further increases the design simplicity and eases the supply-chain management.

Protection features


With respect to safety, the SCALE-iDriver devices also include critical protection features such as desaturation monitoring, primary and secondary Undervoltage Lock-out (UVLO) and Advanced Soft Shut Down (ASSD) that protect the switch during short-circuit turn-off.

“The SCALE-iDriver family with FluxLink technology supports safe, cost-effective designs for a wide range of IGBT drivers for electric vehicle applications including powertrain, on-board chargers and charger stations, and other high-reliability drivers and inverters,” comments Michael Hornkamp, senior director of marketing for automotive gate-driver products at Power Integrations.

Power Integrations’ AEC-Q100-qualified SCALE-iDriver SID1181KQ gate drivers are available now.

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