NXP Announces Safe and Secure Automotive Ethernet Switch

  • Equipped with hardware and software-assisted security
  • Provides scalable ECU designs
The NXP SJA1110 Ethernet switch has safety capabilities built-in, offering integrated 100BASE-T1 PHYs, hardware-assisted security as well as multi-gigabit interfaces.

Service-Oriented Gateways and domain controllers are required for connected services such as Over-The-Air updates and emerging data-driven applications. At the same time, support is also required for Ethernet-based web sensors, actuators and processing unit. These networks must be scalable and move data quickly and securely without posing dangers to the automobile and its passengers.

Therefore, to address this challenges of vehicle networking, NXP Semiconductors, a supplier of automotive semiconductors, has launched the NXP SJA1110, a multi-gigabit Ethernet switch designed to help automobile design engineers deliver high-speed networks for connected vehicles.

This automotive Ethernet switch has built-in safety capabilities that offer integrated 100BASE-T1 PHYs, hardware-assisted security as well as multi-gigabit interfaces. Optimised for integration with NXP’s S32G vehicle network processor, the SJA1110 switch is also part of an overall networking solution which includes the VR5510 power management IC.

Perfect combination of diverse features


The SJA1110 helps carmakers obtain the scalability, security and performance with the right combination of hardware features and a balanced number of high and low-port ECUs. The SJA1110 meets the latest TSN standards and offers integrated 100BASE-T1 PHYs, hardware-assisted security and safety capabilities along with multi-gigabit interfaces.


The SJA1110 meets ASIL compliances for vehicle safety. A dedicated failure-detection mechanism enables predictive maintenance solutions that significantly contributes to the comfort of the final vehicle owner.


A layered security approach, complete with hardware-assisted secure boot, denial-of-service prevention and distributed intrusion-detection capabilities have been integrated into the SJA1110 so that it can analyse the ECU and inform if something is not conforming to the required specifications.

Fast and Reliable UV EPROM/Wafer Erasing System In 90 seconds


Available in four hardware (HW) and software (SW) compatible variants, with a rich set of NXP original SW, an open integrated controller and several BOM optimisation options, the SJA1110 switch provides a great platform for scaling ECU designs for complex gateways, advanced driving assistance systems and infotainment units.

NXP Automotive Network System Solution

The SJA1110 multi-gigabit, secure automotive Ethernet switch is optimised for integration with S32G vehicle network processors. Together, they can increase vehicle architecture performance and reduce the software complexity for enhanced security and safety.



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