Qorvo Introduces High-Performing Wideband GaN Power Amplifier

  • GaN technology boosts the system performance in communications systems
  • This results in a smaller size, weight, power and cost

Qorvo, a provider of innovative RF solutions, has introduced a high-performing wideband power amplifier (PA). Designed for electronic warfare, radar and test instrumentation applications, the TGA2962 has an industry-leading 10 Watts of RF power over 2 – 20 GHz frequency range, 13dB large-signal gain and 20dB small-signal gain, and power efficiency of 20 – 35 per cent.

Eric Higham, director of the Advanced Semiconductor Applications service and the Advanced Defense Systems service for Strategy Analytics, said “The defence market, primarily radar and communications applications, is seeing strong growth from new systems and major platform upgrades. This is also providing fuel for the GaN growth engine and should bode well for companies like Qorvo.”

Through these innovative features, electronics design engineers can accomplish flexible systems that have an improved performance and reliability, while reducing component count, footprint and cost.

Smaller size and power


The TGA2962 is built on Gallium Nitride (GaN) QGaN15 process technology. In addition to this, there is an improved component integration and use of a smaller driver amp that is enabled by a 13dB large-signal gain. This results in a smaller size, weight, power and cost (SWAP-C).

The TGA2962 wideband GaN PA, with PSAT (PIN = 27 dBm) of 10 W-15 W, PAE (PIN = 27 dBm) of 20-35 per cent and bias of 22V/1.68A is available now available with a die-dimension of 3.24×3.24 mm to customers.

Roger Hall, GM of Qorvo’s High-Performance Solutions business, said “Qorvo has taken a significant step forward in the wideband space with the TGA2962, enhancing not just frequency range but every other performance aspect. No other company offers a single PA with this output power, bandwidth, power-added-efficiency and large signal gain.”

Tiny Power Source For FPGAs

Qorvo’s TGA2962 offers an innovative and efficient GaN-on-SiC to help customers realize better operational bandwidth.



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