STMicroelectronics’ Intuitive Touch Controls For STM32-Based Devices

  • Along with Fieldscale’s cloud-based platform, users can fasten time to market and save development cost
  • Fieldscale SENSE development platform for touch-sensor design allows high-accuracy simulation

Touch-based controls are convenient and attractive for end-users. Besides being cost-effective, they can enhance product reliability and provide protection. On the other hand, developing them can be a challenge. A conventional iterative design approach for eliminating unwanted effects and ensuring consistent touch-based responses in all operating conditions often involves building multiple prototypes.

STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor solutions provider and Fieldscale, a provider of simulation software, have now collaborated to simplify the development of touch-enabled user interfaces for smart devices containing ST’s STM32 microcontrollers (MCUs).

With the introduction of ST’s Arm® Cortex®-based 32-bit MCUs to Fieldscale’s SENSE development platform, it is expected that customers will now be able to take a faster and more efficient route to market.


Fieldscale SENSE is an end-to-end solution for the design, schematic capture and system-level simulation of capacitive touch sensors. The latest version lets STM32 users quickly design the touch sensor and PCB layout for virtual system simulation purposes.

Dynamic simulation

Fieldscale’s cloud-based development platform be accessed via an intuitive web interface and several, complex electromagnetic algorithms can be implemented. This algorithm can accurately predict system performance. Users can thus optimize the design and simulate to fine-tune the performance before employing the entire system on hardware by:

  • Designing or importing capacitive touch sensor layout as a standard DXF or Gerber file(s).
  • Easily creating a complete 3D model of the sensor.
  • Simulating the touch-sensor performance, including the effects of using a stylus or wearing gloves.
  • Simulating RF conducted noise into the system to evaluate noise immunity.
  • Understanding effects such as coupling between traces and electrodes that can interfere with the touch-sensor performance.
STMicroelectronics' Smart Gateway Platform for Automotive Applications

Unlike conventional PC-based software, there are no installation challenges or system-performance limitations. This will allow users to deliver the desired performance and lower development costs.

“At Fieldscale, our goal is to offer to all capacitive-touch design engineers a complete software solution supporting them end-to-end, from the early design up to the tuning of the final system. Integrating STM32 support is a major achievement towards this goal and we couldn’t be more satisfied,” said Yiorgos Bontzios, PhD, Fieldscale CEO and Co-Founder.

Patrice Hamard, Microcontroller Product Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics, added, “Customers using our STM32 microcontrollers can now take full advantage of Fieldscale SENSE to implement simple and intuitive touch-based controls for smart devices and give their products a competitive edge.”

Fieldscale SENSE simulation results have been confirmed accurate to within two per cent by several touch-sensor manufacturers. Fieldscale SENSE is available now as an online service and comes with a flexible pricing model to meet your requirements.



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