Anritsu Introduces RF Network Analyzer For Millimeter Wave Bands



RF network analyzers are vital items of test instrumentation for RF design laboratories as well as many manufacturing and service areas. The RF network analyzer provides a stimulus for the network and then monitors the response. In this way, the operation and performance can be seen and assessed for its suitability. RF network analyzers can be used for all RF and microwave frequencies – some network analyzers can operate well into the microwave region.

USB based vector network analyser

Anritsu Corporation has introduced the Shockline MS46131A USB vector network analyser (VNA). It is a modular one port VNA that supports measurement frequencies of up to 43.5GHz.

Eliminates need for cables

According to the company, The MS46131A can be directly connected to the device under test (DUT). It eliminates the need for interconnecting cables. This results in reduced test costs and improved measurement stability.


Supports dual-site testing

The MS46131A is a modular VNA that can be configured for each user session on a port-by-port basis. A single PC can control up to two 1-port instruments. This can help in executing the function of dual-site testing. The units can be moved between test setups. It depends on the required port count generated by the device. The 1-port VNAs can be replaced in order to keep test stations operational. This helps in maximising the overall uptime of the device.

Can be configured using Shockline GUI

The MS46131A operates at a 12V power supply. Additionally, it requires a USB connection to the externally controls the Shockline software running on the PC. Although the data can be analysed and stored in the device itself, the addition of an external PC brings more security to the processed data as a convenient storage option. This makes the device suitable for confidential testing environments.

Precise Nanopower Opamp for “Always ON” Sensing Applications

The analysis and documentation of the results can be simplified using this device. It eliminates the need to transfer data off the onboard instrument memory.

Available in two different versions

The device is presently available in two versions that can measure 8GHz and 20GHz respectively. The MS46131A also enables the measuring of antennas and other 1-port 5G devices at the sub-6GHz system. Also, these devices can be analysed in the 28GHz and 39GHz millimeter wave (mmWave) bands.





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