Redriver From Diodes Features Multiple Protocols For PCIe Applications


  • This stack of driver modules from Diodes aims to reduce inter-symbol interference and comes with design-enhancing features.
  • According to Diodes, the driver comes in a compact TQFN package with dimensions of 3.5mm x 9mm in a 42-pin module

Diodes have announced a new driver module that supports multiple protocols. The PI3EQX12904A is a PCIe 3.0 and SATA3 re-driver. It supports linear equalisation that supports PCIe 3.0. It supports data transfer speed for PCIe of up to 8Gbit/s and SATA3 up to 6Gbit/s. It features four 100Ω differentials current-mode logic (CML) data signals. The module is compatible with link training.

Reduces inter-symbol interference

According to Diodes, the driver comes in a compact TQFN package with dimensions of 3.5mm x 9mm. It consists of a 42 pin module. This stack of driver modules aims to reduce inter-symbol interference. The module comes with many design-enhancing features. Receiver equalisation and the flat gain of the driver is adjustable through a single pin. The output linear swing of the module is up to one volts.


An official from Diodes Corp. recently said in a statement,

“ The integrated equalisation circuitry provides flexibility with signal integrity of the signal before and after the re-river. PI3EQX12904A is designed to support processor chipsets with dual-protocol I/O pins, supporting connectors, such as mSATA, M.2 and SATA, that can provide control signals. Another potential use is dual-lane applications requiring low power and small packages, such as in docking stations. Laptops, notebooks and industrial PC are all targets.

Works in Slumber mode for power saving 

The company informed that the device concentrates in generating a power-saving module. The device works in slumber mode. In slumber mode,  the inputs can be monitored for any activity. The activities are monitored to switch the corresponding channel to active mode. The product can work at an operating temperature between -40 degree Celcius up to 85 degrees Celcius.

AEC-Q200 Compliant Power Inductors For Demanding Automotive Applications
Diode redriver
Diode redriver

Pb and Halogen-free device

Additionally, the module features an automatic low power mode for adaptive power management. The device is said to be Pb and Halogen free. The device fulfils the standards required for a RoHS compliant device.

With all the features and specifications, this device can be widely used in applications including notebook PCs, server motherboards, JBOD storage and rack servers.





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