Open Radio Access Network For Increased 4G/5G Coverage For CAV


  • O2 To Deploy Radio Access Network For Connected And Automated Vehicles(CAV)
  • The company is working with Mavenir, Dense Air and Wave Mobile to implement O-RAN in London and other UK locations

O2 has announced an open radio access network (O-RAN) project to broaden its number of network infrastructure partners. This project is claimed to be useful for coverage in hard to reach rural locations. Examples of these network cell clusters include areas with a very small population or where a sharing model is more cost-effective such as dense urban locations.

Can increase coverage and network capacity

With the current growing need for seamless connectivity, this step can play a crucial role in the development of new IoT based infrastructures. Currently deployed systems are generally using 2G network connectivity for standalone IoT beacons. With Mavenir, O2 will increase coverage and capacity in London. It can provide enhanced mobile connectivity in busy areas like stadiums and shopping centres.

Public and private network provider for 5G connectivity


The aim of O2 is to deploy both 4G and 5G networks over an O-RAN solution. O2 is working as a public and private network provider of 5G connectivity. This solution is being used for the testing and development of CAV technology. Connected and automated vehicles  (CAVs) a.k.a. connected and autonomous vehicles and driver-less cars) is a transformative technology that has great potential for reducing traffic accidents and enhancing quality-of-life.

Solutions are developed with Wave Mobile

Coverage solutions are being developed with Wave Mobile. The current O-RAN network is active on several sites across the UK including Woldingham, Surrey. It carries mobile traffic for O2 customers. According to Wave Mobile, it could be expanded to provide community-based mobile services in ‘not-spots’.

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The estimated time for deployment is 18-24 months 

O2 is working with Mavenir, Dense Air and Wave Mobile to implement O-RAN in London and other UK locations. The company expects commercial deployment of O-RAN to pick up pace over a period of 18-24 months.

Brendan O’Reilly, CTO of O2 said,

By opening up our radio access network to smaller vendors, and as we look towards wider adoption of 5G, O-RAN will be part of the solution to bring the latest connectivity to more people around the country.

Paul Senior, CEO of Dense Air, also added to the statement saying,

Dense Air and Airspan Networks, our technology partner, have built a unique hyper-dense pervasive 4G and 5G O-RAN based solution at Millbrook. The O-RAN deployment which utilises over 70 radio nodes, 19km Fibre and mmWave front haul deliver network capacity at a scale never seen before at any Proving Ground, allowing the validation of future CAV (Connected and Autonomous Vehicle ) use cases.

Connected and automated vehicle (CAV) technologies have the potential to change transportation on a global scale. These technologies could improve safety, altering the transportation costs. It can prove to be a good solution for minimising the current traffic congestions around the world.






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