CML Microcircuits’ Broad Communication Offerings


These include power ICs for wireless radio, IIoT and portable electronics applications

CML Microcircuits introduces a range of RF transceivers, analogue front ends, baseband processing and application-specific microcontrollers for wireless voice and data system designs.

The CMX901 and CMX902 are three-stage wideband, high-gain and high-efficiency RF power amplifier ICs. With a gain of up to 40dB and up to 60 per cent power efficiency, they are suitable for VHF and low UHF radio applications, such as data modules, marine VHF communications, and RF transmitters.


They can also be used in wireless IIoT systems.

Power over a wide frequency range

The CMX994 receiver ICs provides the ability to select power consumption versus performance modes for operating trade-offs.

The CMX994A and CMX994E models feature operation of 50 – 1218 MHz, while the CMX994G offers a performance of up to 30MHz.

Configurable using no external processing

The CMX7164 is a multi-mode wireless data modem that supports multiple modulation schemes and coding systems, that are all configurable with no external codecs or DSP processing. Adaptive modulation features allow modulation type and block format to be changed to a specified data block size, coding rate and CRC size. The modem uses CML’s “Firm ASIC” component technology, which provides a platform for custom modulation schemes.

Greater operating range

The SCT2400 is a digital radio transceiver based on spread spectrum modulation and operating in the 2.4GHz ISM frequency range. It’s capable of operation over distances of up to 12km with 100mW of output power and can maintain link clarity and security in low-power radio systems.

CML Microcircuits’ Flexible BPSK Wireless Data Modulator Simplifies Design For Licenced frequency Bands

This device is designed for applications in portable electronics, mobile and wearables such as fitness trackers, smart clothing, and wireless headsets.



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