eMemory’s NeoFuse IP Qualified Product Targets OLED Market



The OLED panel market has been valued at USD 22.83 billion in 2019 and is forecast to reach USD 46.55 billion by 2025

OLED panels continue to be a significant display technology trend adopted across the world. It features larger screen sizes as compared to LED displays. It features improved screen resolutions of up to 8000 pixels. It also features improved and relatively new form factors.


eMemory logic NVM solutions have been implemented in a wide range of UMC’s HV process nodes for OLED applications. As the leading logic NVM IP provider in the HV process, eMemory has maintained a close relationship with UMC to verify eMemory NVM solutions at early stages of process development.

T.H. Lin director of IP Development and Design Support division at UMC, talked about the product saying,

eMemory’s NeoFuse IP is a welcome resource for our foundry customers wishing to customize their ICs on our 28nm HV process to serve OLED markets.Our two companies have shared positive results through our IP collaboration for UMC’s 55nm, 40nm, and 28nm HV technology platforms, which are optimized to satisfy the performance requirements of display driver applications including OLED.

In addition to previous implementations on UMC’s HV process platforms, we’re pleased to work with UMC again to extend NeoFuse IP to the 28nm HV process to meet various demands for OLED application to create value for customers. ”

OLED displays have taken a dominant position in high-end smartphones. The display driver ICs (SDDIs) are compatible with OLED displays. As Compared with 55nm or 40nm HV, the 28nm HV process can provide faster data rates for OLED DDIs. It also provides higher SRAM density and better power consumption. This results in superior image quality with ideal power efficiency. The more advanced node also allows the use of increasingly complex algorithms for powerful display engines.

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