These Safety Relays Can Act As Fuse In Industrial Automations


  • Panasonic added ASFM0128X in the family of safety relays
  • The relay coil dissipates a nominal operating power of 270mW.

Safety Relays are devices that implement safety functions. In the event of a hazard, a safety relay must work to reduce risk to an acceptable level. The safety relay must initiate a safe and reliable response as well as monitor the integrity of its function.

Panasonic has recently released a new series for safety relays. The SF series is claimed to be one of the smallest safety relays by the company. The safety relay is a two-pole safety relay with power contacts on both normally-open and normally-closed sides.

Can work for up to 30V coil voltage


The device has dimensions of 33 mm x 14 mm x 7.8 mm. The contact points are manufactured according to the guidelines of EN61810-3. The contact point on the relay can bear different load ratings. The NO contact can withstand current of up to 6A whereas the NC contact can bear current up to 4A. The contact point can actuate at a working voltage of 250V in ac or up to 30V in dc voltage ratings. With these rated parameters, the relay can directly drive loads( for e.g.- solenoid valves) without the use of external relays.

Forged material for contact formations

According to Panasonic, the weight of the device is 6.5 grams. The contact arrangement follows the format of 1 Form A 1 Form B. This relay features an initial contact resistance of 100m-ohms. The material used to develop the contact point of the relay is Au-flashed silver nitrate. The presence of Ag increases the conductivity of the contact points. It also decreases the possibility of the contacts getting welded during surge current consumptions.

Relay Meets New Reliability Standards For PLCs

The variable range for operating coil voltage

These devices can operate in a temperature ranging from -40°C to 85°C. These relays are resistant to shock and vibrations for damping value greater than 20g.

The relay coil dissipates a nominal operating power of 270mW. The Dc coil voltage can operate in different voltages such as 3V, 5V, 12V and 24 V. In terms of insulation, the relay shows reinforced insulation of up to 5.5mm on the normally-open side. On the other hand, the normally-closed side provides insulation of up to 3mm.

Can prevent mechanical and industrial hazards

The series for these relays is called the SFM series. These devices can be used applications dealing in safety relay modules, safety controllers, safe motion control, escalators, lifts, railway signalling, train door control and other access control.




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