Omron’s New Power Relay Can Sustain Up To 100 A of Surge Current


  • Omron Electronics Components Europe has launched a 100A power relay device that features low heat generation and low contact resistance

Relays are either electromechanical relays or solid-state relays. Although solid-state relays have become very popular, electromechanical relays remain common. Many of the functions performed by heavy-duty equipment need the switching capabilities of electromechanical relays. Solid State Relays switches the current using non-moving electronic devices such as silicon controlled rectifiers.

Omron Electronics Components Europe has launched a 100A power relay device. It features low heat generation and low contact resistance. This can reduce the chances of contact welding. The G7EB is aimed at distributing power conditioning systems (PCS). The device can also be integrated with test equipment such as semiconductor testers for optimum utilisation.

The current load capacity of up to 100A 


According to the company, the relay can switch a current load of up to 100A. The relay works at an operating voltage of 800Vac. One of the key features of the product is the low five milli-ohm contact resistance. It reduces heat generation within the component. This improves the reliability of the device by reducing the heat stress on the device and the surrounding circuit. It also reduces energy wastage.

Temperature rise is reduced to half when compared to present solutions

The G7EB can operate at a temperature value of 85C. The rise in temperature is recorded to be about +40C at a continuous transmission of surge current. When compared to present relay devices, this temperature rise is half of its competitive designs. This regulated temperature rise also limits the requirement of large heat sinks.

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Reduces system size and compactness

PCS designs commonly feature three or more of this type of relay. The Omron device can help in reducing system size with its compact dimensions. The relay module has a dimensions of 40.5 x 50.5 x 37mm.

Targets industrial and commercial standards

Omron is offering the G7EB with both industry standard and Omron proprietary pin layouts. Relays are electromechanical devices which are required in most of the industrial as well as automotive applications. With the increased current capacity, this relay can minimise the process of piggybacking or paralleling of relays.




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