Industrially Qualified PMIC Supports USB Fast Charging Applications


  • The ACT4751M can meet all power requirements for USB Fast Charger applications
  • In addition to its AEC-Q100 qualification, the ACT4751M meets the automotive EMI standard CISPR 25 Class 3

Power management ICs (PMICs) are integrated circuits that include multiple power rails and power management functions within a single chip. PMICs are frequently used to power small, battery-operated devices. The integration of multiple functions into a single chip results in more efficient use of space and system power.

Qorvo has recently released a power management IC(PMIC). According to Qorvo, this PMIC is an AEC-Q100 qualified step-down, voltage-regulator IC. It is dedicated to USB Type-C Fast Charging applications.


The ACT4751M can meet all the power requirements for USB Fast Charger applications. It meets the Power Delivery 3.0 Programmable Power Supply (USB PD 3.0 PPS) specification. It integrates both the power and analogue functions into a single power IC.

According to Qorvo, this management chip can operate at an input voltage between 4V up to 40V. The chip can provide an output voltage ranging between 3V up to 24V. It has protection features that can withstand up to 48V of load-dump events in demanding automotive environments.

The ACT4751M can provide a variable current output up to 4A. The chip scales the current band into an analogue value ranging between 0 to 255. This provides a smooth transition during the transfer of current. The chip features a switching frequency between 450 Hz up to 2250 kHz. It follows Frequency-hopping spread spectrum( FHSS) technology to provide uninterrupted rectified output.

The PMIC has an auxiliary power rail. It consists of a mini-buck converter and a linear voltage-dropout regulator. The design features a 32-pin QFN package with a step-cut structure. The device also features a 5mm x 5mm side wall plating.

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A step-down charger provides protection between the power source and the device. It mediates the differences in the voltage source and the battery being charged. These chargers have become increasingly popular. Many applications are adapting USB Type-C ports because they are universal ports. It is also capable of delivering high power.

In addition to its AEC-Q100 qualification, the ACT4751M meets the automotive EMI standard CISPR 25 Class 3. The company has also patented its DC-DC conversion technologies.

Qorvo’s automotive power management product family supports faster design certifications. It shortens time to market by offering multiple reference designs. These products are certified for USB Fast Chargers and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, Quick Charge 4, and Quick Charge 4+.

These designs are fully optimized to minimize size and delivers maximum power conversion efficiency. This PMIC design can be useful for rapid in-vehicle charging of phones, tablets and laptops. It can also help in the development of reliable micro boost systems for industrial as well as commercial applications.




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