Stewart Connector Introduces Multi Axis RJ45 Punch Down Modular Plugs


  • Most RJ45 connectors undergo problems when the wires don’t follow the prescribed standards
  • Stewart Connector has announced the release of the Cat6 and Cat6A Multi-Axis RJ45 punch down Modular Plugs following IP20 standards

Wired Ethernet connections are still widespread in businesses where the increased speed and security of wired network connections are desirable. Although Ethernet cables have gone through several generations of speed improvements, the RJ45 connector that appears on the ends of the cables has not changed.

Problems with RJ45

RJ45 connectors come with some problems. To form a tight connection between the plug and the network port, some RJ45 plugs make use of a small, bendable piece of plastic called a tab. Most RJ45 connector problems occur when the wires don’t follow the prescribed standard.

Offers a 90° termination position


Stewart Connector has announced the release of the Cat6 and Cat6A Multi-Axis RJ45 punch down Modular Plugs. The Multi-Axis RJ45 punch down plugs is time-saving solutions for Ethernet connections. It is made for connections that require field terminations. The punch down plug offers a 90° termination position. The final position of the connectors can be aligned to top, bottom or the side entry. The connector uses a colour coded pre-load wire manager. It provides an efficient termination without the need for tools.

Features gold-plated contacts

The Multi-Axis punch down plugs can be used for solid or stranded 22-26 AWG cable. This punch can work with a diameter over the conductor insulation of up to 1.6mm (0.63in). It accepts an overall cable OD of 6mm (0.236in) up to 8mm (0.315in). These connectors feature contacts with 50 micro inches of gold plating. This plating helps in increasing the life-cycle of RJ45 connectors.

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Suitable for harsh environments

According to the company, the connectors qualifies IP20 standards. The device also includes zinc-based die-cast housing and latch protectors. The RJ45 is suitable for harsh environments. The Cat6 version of the plug is suitable for use in 1G Base-T networks and the Cat6A version is suitable for 10G Base-T networks.

The applications for Stewart’s Multi-Axis RJ45 punch down plugs include data, telecom, wireless, PoE applications and industrial equipment connections. As these connectors claim to provide robust connectivity, they can be used under harsh environments.





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