RS Launches PLC Starter Kits For Machine And Motion Control Systems


  • RS Components (RS) has introduced two programmable logic controller (PLC) starter packs in collaboration with Allen-Bradley PLC systems

In the most basic terms, a programmable logic controller (PLC) is a computer with a microprocessor but has no keyboard, mouse or monitor. It is essentially built to withstand very harsh industrial environments. It is designed to be enormously robust. It can withstand harsh industrial environments such as extreme temperatures, vigorous vibrations, humidity and electrical noise.

The starter kit
The starter kit

New Plc starter packs

RS components have recently launched new PLC starter packs. These starter packs are based on Allen-Bradley PLC systems. The Micro850 and Micro820 starter packs contain all the hardware needed to get up and running with the Allen-Bradley Micro850 and Micro820 PLCs. It includes power supplies (PSU), controller accessories and graphic terminals. OEM machine builders can develop standalone applications quickly and inexpensively. They can develop individual solution platforms without the need to invest in fully automated systems.

Expandable Up to 192 digital I/O points

The Micro850 PLC provided with the Micro850 Starter Pack. It is designed for larger standalone applications. The device is expandable up to 192 digital I/O points. It features simple motion control. The full starter pack includes a PSU, seven digital inputs and one analogue input simulator, two-channel analogue input plug-in and 1metre ethernet and USB cables. It features a 4-inch graphic terminal powered by PanelView 800.

Provides Ethernet connectivity for seamless network 


The Micro820 Starter Pack, on the other hand, includes the nano-size Micro820 PLC. This PLC supports up to 36 I/O points. It is also equipped with embedded features such as Ethernet, a microSD slot for data logging and an analogue I/O. The Micro820 PLC is well suited to small standalone machine control and remote automation applications. It provides Ethernet connectivity for network communications. The starter pack also contains a 24V power supply, seven digital inputs and one analogue input simulator, a PanelView 800 4-inch graphic terminal and 1-metre ethernet and USB cables. It features a 4-inch graphic terminal powered by PanelView 800.

Create Fantastic "Raspberry Pi" Projects With New Starter Kit!

Variants of PLC available

The Allen-Bradley PanelView 800 4-inch panel-mount graphic terminal included in the standard starter pack features keypad and touchscreen input options. It is optimised for use with Micro800 Series PLCs. If the user does not require a graphics terminal, “Starter Pack Lite” can be purchased and interfaced with an existing system.

Compatible with Workbench design software

These starters kit can be used for application design and easy PLC programming. The device can be configured and integrated with an HMI editor. The Standard Edition of Connected Components Workbench design software is free to download from the Rockwell Automation website.




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