This Solution Uses Single RGB LED For Effective Lighting


  • MENTOR’s latest product “Area Lighting for Logos, Symbols and Text” offers new and cost-effective solutions for backlighting of wide areas
  • The area lighting module features an integrated diffuser and an ESD-protected PCB
LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are the latest development providing efficient energy conversion and extended lifespans. These bulbs help to save money on replacement bulbs and electrical energy consumption.elopment in the lighting industry. LED lights are ideal for numerous applications including night lighting, art lighting, and outdoor lighting. These lights are also commonly used in the electronics and automotive industries.

Offers an infinite range of backlight colors

Mentor released its latest product in the field of lighting applications. The product is an area lighting module for logos, symbols and text. The final module is benefited from Mentor’s light guide expertise. It provides even illumination with just a single RGB LED. It also offers an infinite range of backlight colors. The product design features an interactive interface that includes a status indication, instructive text and multiple branding.

The device is measured in a dimension of 80x31mmx5.5mm. The area lighting module features an integrated diffuser and an ESD-protected PCB. All of these modules can be connected through stranded wire connections.

Features a flat panel design

It features a flat panel design. This design provides an even and homogeneous illumination over an area of 50x16mm. There are four printing options and six mounting options. It provides the user ease to integrate the module into the product design.

Fully customisable

Printing can be carried out by Mentor or by the customer. For illustration and test purposes, a sample version with a logo already printed on the diffusor is available from stock. In addition, samples with customer-specific printing can be provided at a cost of just a few hundred euros, which will be credited against the first production-volume order. Fully-Customer-specific area lighting solutions are also available including special sizes, special shapes such as circle, ellipsis, triangle, and any freeform.

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According to the company, various options are available to the user for LED selection, PCB equipment and electrical connections.



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