Enhance Wireless Earbuds Using This Innovative Demo kit


  • ams claimed that the AS3460 is the first audio chip to provide up to 40 dB of noise attenuation in wireless earbuds
  • The Earbud Innovation Demo Kit is supplied in a small, earbud-sized form factor and is available at ams website


Wearable biometric sensors for measuring vital signs are becoming increasingly prevalent for exercise and health monitoring. These technologies commonly take shape as bracelets or designs that pass around the chest.

ams has introduced its new Earbud Innovation Demo kit. As stated by the company, it can deliver selective noise cancellation to loose-fit true wireless earbuds. These earbuds can be used for applications like augmented hearing. The company has also provided the reference design of the kit.


Uses digital audio processor

The device uses ams AS3460 digital audio processor. It stimulates and shows how loose-fit true wireless earbuds can achieve selective noise cancellation. It also features proximity sensing for automatic power saving and usability enhancements.

Based on adaptive leakage compensation technology

The device uses adaptive leakage compensation technology. It dynamically adjusts the frequency coverage and depth of noise attenuation to cancel out noise. This noise enters the ear directly. It bypasses the earbud’s silicone tip. ams claimed that the AS3460 is the first audio chip to provide up to 40 dB of noise attenuation in a wireless earbud. It can work over a broad range of audible frequencies. This results in a quiet acoustic background in almost any environment.

ams gave a statement about the product in CES 2020, saying,

This means that users who find loose-fit earbuds more comfortable to wear for long periods can enjoy the same noise cancellation performance as that of closed-fit earbuds, which plug the ear tightly to provide a physical barrier to ambient noise.

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Runs on digital augmented hearing engine

The company also informed that digital augmented hearing engine is used in the AS3460. It provides a platform for new functions to use wireless earbuds in different applications. Example of such applications is personal health monitoring, selective sound awareness, and treatment for tinnitus.

Incorporates automatic preset selection technology

The demo kit uses AS3460 with TMD2635 nano-proximity optical sensor modules. It provides automatic in-ear detection for power savings when the earbuds aren’t in use. Nano-proximity sensors can also be used to enable gesture control of the earbud’s operation. It also incorporates the AS3460’s automatic preset selection technology. Using this technology, the earbud can detect different acoustic environments such as the interior of a car, an aeroplane cabin, or a crowded room. It automatically applies an optimized noise filter.

Demo kit available

The company informed that the future applications of these embedded optical sensors include monitoring vital physical signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, and vagal tone.

The Earbud Innovation Demo Kit is supplied in a small, earbud-sized form factor. It is available to at the ams website. By analysing all its features, it can prove to be a useful product in the wireless gadget industry.




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