PWM Based LED Driver For Efficient Lighting Systems


  • Diodes have announced the BCR430UW6 linear LED driver.
  • It features low dropout voltage and a constant current regulation between 5mA and 100mA.

The BCR430U is a monolithically integrated linear LED controller. It is designed to function as a constant current regulator (CCR) for linear LED driving. The device operates over a voltage range from 5V to 42V. The output LED current is regulated up to 100mA. It is set by an external resistor.

Reduces current as temperature increases

The controller is designed for driving LEDs in strings. It reduces the current at increasing temperatures. It does so to protect the circuit from internal damage. The low voltage drop during current regulation allows efficient driving of LED strings. It also offers a range of forwarding voltages and supply voltage tolerances.


This combination makes the BCR430UW6 suitable for applications that require multiple LEDs to operate together. These type of application include signage illumination and architectural lighting for commercial and retail installations.

Requires no external power

According to Diode, the low dropout voltage and operating current increases system efficiency and scope to drive more LED per string. The device requires no external power transistors or capacitors. This reduces the overall cost of the BoM.

Minimises faults through current limiting

Its long-term reliability is improved through tolerance to overvoltage levels. This results in minimising faults in the LEDs or supply transients. Additionally, integrated thermal protection limits the output current in the event of high operating temperatures.

The controller features an adjustable output current of up to 100mA. The device can be used to drive various LED configurations. The output is stable up to ±5% across temperature variations and supply voltage fluctuations. This stability delivers a uniform output lighting level under all operating conditions.

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Supports a wide operating range

The company also described more features such as PWM-based dimming. It features an operating voltage range of 5V up to 42V. This supports parallel operation that increases the regulated output current of the controller. The controller is built in a SOT26 package. Furthermore, the device follows the standards for lead-free devices and fulfils RoHS compliancy.

Integrating with all these features, the controller can be used in a number of applications such as LED strips, LED panel displays, architectural and landscape lighting, mood decorative and retail lighting.




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