This Micro-PLC Design Is A Must For Fourth Generation Industries


  • MAXREFDES60# is Maxim’s micro PLC analogue output card featuring a 16-bit data bus and wide output voltage range
  • This reference design can be used in any application that requires accurate analogue outputs

Industry 4.0 marks the fourth industrial revolution on the basis of distributed and intelligent control systems. Unlike the commonly used programmable logic controllers (PLC), Industry 4.0 provides large industries with analogue signal controls to numerous equipment. The control system is made up of small and micro PLC systems.

These systems provide high performance with ultra-low power consumption in a small package. To control these microsystems, micro PLC cards are used. This reference design is based on the development of such a card using  MAXREFDES60#.

Isolates power and data pins for low power wastage


The MAXREFDES60# is Maxim’s micro PLC analogue output card. It features a 16-bit data output with a variable output voltage range of up to 10 Volts. It follows a bus architecture which isolates power and data values at the output. The design works at an operating voltage of 24 Volts and consumes a continuous current of up to 10 milliamperes.

Capable of providing precise measurements

The design integrates a low-noise, fast-settling buffer system. It consists of 16-bit digital to analogue converter. The device features high precision capabilities and a reference voltage of 4.096 Volt.

The device features an isolated RMS voltage of up to 600V. It consists of three isolated rails of +15V, +5.5V, and -3V. The entire system typically operates at less than 250mW. Additionally, the design can fit into space equals the size of a credit card.

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Features a USB-UART bridge

While targeting industrial micro PLC applications, the MAXREFDES60# can be used in any application that requires accurate analogue outputs. It also has an in-built FTDI USB-UART bridge. This bridge works in establishing a serial interface between device and computer. Using this bridge, one can program or visualise the data being collected by the device.

Application areas

This reference design can be utilised in a wide no. of applications including industrial control and automation, process control systems and logical controllers(PLC).

The design is released by Maxim Integrated Systems. The MAXREFDES60 design contains documents such as design schematics, bill of materials, and PCB layouts.

These files can be downloaded here.




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