This Solution From Jenax Can Increase Safety of Lithium-Ion Batteries


  • Jenax introduces non-flammable liquid electrolytes for battery safety
  • These gel polymer batteries can bend in many directions and won’t leak or harm people if cut or punctured

The ever-growing demands on high-performance energy storage devices boost the development of high energy density lithium-ion batteries. Electrolytes and separators are considered as the most vulnerable components in Lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries are composed of organic compounds such as alkyl carbonates and polyolefin. These components play an important role in ionic transport throughout the whole cell. It includes charging and discharging processes based on indirect connections between cathode and anode.

Flexible and thin batteries


Jenax has recently announced a breakthrough in battery safety with the use of non-flammable liquid electrolytes. According to the company, this technology can uniquely solve the urgent problem of batteries that catch fire or explode in extremely hot temperatures. It also mitigates the short circuit conditions. Previously, the company also invented a series of ultra-flexible and thin lithium-ion batteries. 

No compromise with battery performance

With this technology incorporated into the battery cells, Jenax claims that it increases the safety of wearables and other products that come in close contact with people. In does so while ensuring high battery performance.

EJ Shin, the Director of Jenax, recently gave a statement about the technology saying,

Liquid is the best conductor for ionic movement, which means it delivers the best battery performance. But because the liquid can also be a tremendous fire hazard, many manufacturers try to use solid-state electrolyte instead. They sacrifice efficiency and — in the case of wearables — comfort and usability, for safety.

Jenax has always been focused on delivering the greatest combination of safety and performance. With this non-flammable electrolyte, we’re taking both to the next level, providing the peace of mind manufacturers and consumers need with the high performance they deserve.”

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Eliminates the trend of strict battery size

According to the company, Jenax deals with the development of ultra-flexible, gel polymer batteries. These batteries can undergo harsh mechanical stresses and are protective against leakage if punctured. This technology eliminates product designing constraints that were earlier with strict battery size.

These batteries are comparable to traditional lithium batteries in terms of efficient battery performance. The company also told that new batteries using this technology will be available to design engineers once the non-flammable liquid electrolyte is incorporated into Jenax batteries.

Wide areas of application

With the increased flexibility of the batteries, this product can be a breakthrough in inventions related to storage devices. Flexible batteries can be utilised in many different sectors such as IoT, smart wearables, industrial automation, biomedicals etc.





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