Werma Brings Out New USB-Powered Lighting Solution



Using a USB serial interface, user can generate up to 20000 different color combinations with this LED

Every machine or equipment is not controlled by a PLC device. There are many instances where the application is monitored and controlled by a computer. Typical applications include call centres, automatic check-out systems or data monitoring of lab equipment.

German Electronic company Werma Signaltechnik has come up with a new lighting solution. This product is a beacon module that can support up to seven different LED-based warning signals. It multiplexes the RGB pins which can be controlled using two PLC outputs.

Can run on USB supply


According to Werma, this product can be controlled directly from a computer. Neither a separate power supply nor additional hardware is needed since to operate this device. The device uses a standard version of the USB interface. It can be actuated using a DLL (dynamic link library). I addition to this, these USB solutions can also be operated using a VCP (virtual-COM-port).

The device features an LED light enclosed in a quadratic format. It operates at an input voltage of 24 Volts. The case comes with dimensions of 85mm x 72mm x 85 mm. This device can be used in wall mount or base mount configurations.

Follows standards for water-resistive device

The company informed that the device can work at an operating temperature of -25 °C up to +50 °C. It weighs around 140 grams. This device operates at a rated current of up to 150 milliamperes. The device also fulfils the requirement of IP66 and IP67 standards.

All the individual light elements can be controlled directly via the USB interface. Up to five signal towers per computer can be connected with a maximum of five light elements. Each signal tower can be actuated as a flashing or permanent signal. This means up to ten different operating statuses can be indicated with one signal tower.

Power Inductors for Power Density Applications

Generate up to 20000 different color combinations

The LED multicolour 816 beacons work on the universal serial bus. Using the USB serial interface, a user can generate up to 20000 different color combinations. It can do so by altering the intensity of RGB LED’s, resulting in the formation of different colors.

The company also added that the colours and light effects are customizable as desired by the user. This includes permanent or flashing lights, rhythmic flashing or cycling colour lights.



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