Upgrade IoT based STEM Projects Using This Development Kit


  • Xinabox has recently introduced Wifi and data logging capabilities to existing BBC Micro-bit boards
  • These boards can be utilised in STEM-IoT and natural science programmes across primary, secondary and third-level educational institutions

With the increase in IoT devices, the need for data loggers has also increased in various sectors such as agriculture, biomedical and defence. In the present scenario, IoT devices need to be interfaced with a separate module for data storage applications.


Xinabox has recently upgraded their BBC micro-bit development board. According to the company, this new upgrade can provide wireless connectivity to the micro-bit boards using Wifi. It also enables the board to record data to an SD card.

The interface is supplied in two core Xinabox kits, the XK05 micro-bit IoT kit and XK04 micro-bit STEM kits. These kits are used in conjunction with hardware and coding platforms including Microsoft’s Make Code, Arduino IDE, Raspberry Pi and BBC micro-bit.

Connects the micro-bit board to an IoT platform


The company informed that with this new upgrade, it is easier to connect your micro-bit module to an IoT platform. The device can now connect to MQTT servers. These MQTT servers are reconfigured to work with three leading IoT platforms. The micro-bit board comes with built-in light and weather sensors. It also has an OLED display. This display creates an intuitive user display interface with the micro-board.

Creates a solder-free and wire-free development platform 

As these modules are designed for STEM education, it provides a platform where circuits can be built without wires, bread-boards or soldering. This, as a result, makes the kit suitable for both classroom and university applications. In addition to its hardware kits, Xinabox has also developed learning resources in natural sciences, space, data science, IoT and AI, in collaboration with Microsoft.

Connector Joins PCBs To LCD Displays

Daniel Berman, CEO of Xinabox, stated the latest product launch saying,

Xinabox’s new kits turbocharge the micro-bit experience, by empowering users to take their micro-bit to the next level -from creating digital tools as part of STEM curricular activity to smart devices connected to the Internet of Things.

Andy Stanford-Clark, the coinventor of MQTT and the current CTO of IBM also commented on this new release saying,

This is really cool! It adds Wi-Fi and an MQTT client to a humble micro-bit and puts powerful, easy-to-use IoT technologies into the hands of the next generation of engineers.”

With these salient features, this device can help in the development of STEM projects for IoT applications, sensor data gathering and cloud control of devices



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