New Dust Proof Connectors Can Hold Out Against High Current



Circular connectors are multi-pin connectors primarily used for external interfacing. They can be used for data transfer, electrical signal transmissions, or for powering electrical devices.

In an electronic circuit, a generated spark can damage all the connected peripherals due to faster thermal runaway in the circuit. A Spark generally occurs at loose contact points in an electronic device.

Pro series connectors
Pro series connectors

Phoenix Contacts has recently introduced a new series of M23 connectors. These connectors have a threaded locking system. This system provides surface locking at 17 different positions to the connector.

Features ONE-CLICK technology


As stated by the company, the connector follows IP66 and IP68 standard guidelines for water-resistive components. The connector features ONE-CLICK technology. Using this technology, a user can see, hear and feel the connection, when it is made. This can help in ensuring the alignment and locking of the connectors.

Continuous rated current of up to 30 amps

The device, as the company informed, can work for a voltage of up to 630 Volts. The connectors can withstand a continuous current consumption of up to 30 amperes. The number of locking positions in the connector varies in between nine up to 19 positions.

These connectors come in two different versions. A pair of these connectors will have a pin (male) and a socket (female) connector. Design of this connector offers a minimum vibration resistance of 20 grams.

Follows IP66/68 water-resistant device standards

This design comes in-built with a vibration spring. This spring offers a stable connection for signal and power transmission cables. The wire can be connected to these connectors using either crimp or solder methods. The company states that these connectors also follow the design guidelines for an IP66/IP68 water-resistive device.

32.768kHz Clock Oscillator Ideal For IoT & Wearables

With these water-resistant properties and high current capacity, these connectors can be used in rugged areas requiring high sustainability such as automotive, defense and industrial applications.



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